Acwsalcta School

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Alternate Education

At Acwsalcta School, we offer programming for the needs of all learners. In our Alternate Program, we offer Dogwoods, Adult Dogwoods and Evergreen Certificates, based on the student and their goals and needs. Students can take a variety of courses offered in this program, and branch out into the community for work experience and hands on learning. The schedule of the day best caters to our students' needs as well, ranging from part time to full time classes. We have 3 staff members helping to run our Alternate Program - Holly Poell, Todd Morrow, and Nedeea Siwallace. We also have many other electives from other departments in our school helping to support this program.


Acwsalcta School: 834 Four Mile Subdivision, Bella Coola, BC, Canada, V0T 1C0, P.O. Box 778, 250 799-5911