Acwsalcta School

A Place of Learning

Qalxalulhmtulhap (Welcome)

Acwsalcta School is an independent Nuxalk First Nations school in Bella Coola, British Columbia. We offer programs from Pre-School all the way up and through to Grade 12. We also offer an Alternate Program for those that need to take a different approach to their education.

Our school features a beautiful, large open concept foyer/reception area where you can admire many different carvings and paintings done over the years by local artists. Out in front of the building are two intricate Totem Poles carved, painted and raised by local Nuxalk people. One of the Totem Poles was made by the 2002-2003 Acwsalcta Graduates while the other was made by Alvin Mack and Lyle Mack. We have a state of the art full sized Gym with a rock climbing wall, stage, and workout room, library, and fully equipped kitchen.

In the kitchen, our kitchen staff work hard to cook both breakfast and lunch for approx 200 students every day, cooking up delicious and nutritious meals to make sure our students are full and ready to learn.

We have a Culture staff of about 6 Nuxalk teachers whose primary goal is to preserve and teach Nuxalk language, stories, dances, customs, and culture to the students.

Gloria Hans is our receptionist at the school and is always smiling and ready to help you in anyway she can. As you walk around the school you will see many pictures of community Elders, past and present hanging on the walls. Community and culture is a large part of the mentality here at Acwsalcta.


At Acwsalcta we believe in fostering a caring school climate that nurtures and encourages life-long learning with a culturally vibrant and involved community. We strive for excellence and are constantly improving our standards and goals. We improve and promote the teaching of Nuxalk cultural skills and values, and we promote the use of twenty-first-century technology.


Our vision is to have our community be strong, healthy, proud, and self reliant.

We want Acwsalcta students to have pride in who they are, where they come from and where they live.

It is the goal of Acwsalcta School to provide access to quality educational experiences through the rediscovery and revitalization of traditional Nuxalk language and culture. A strong sense of identity rooted in traditional Nuxalk knowledge and teachings will produce students best able to succeed in an academic, social or work environment.

At Acwsalcta School, students will experience a caring, safe, and nurturing environment, learn Nuxalk Language and Culture and Traditions, and will learn the skills and knowledge to thrive in both Nuxalk, and mainstream societies.

Acwsalcta School: 834 Four Mile Subdivision, Bella Coola, BC, Canada, V0T 1C0, P.O. Box 778, 250 799-5911