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About the Library


When the Acwsalcta School building was finished in 1997, the library was put in the multi-purpose room at the entrance of the school where the foyer is now. The Nuxalk 2 Hunters and Raven always had people in awe and fall in love with the library.  When Acwsalcta first started there wasn't that many books to fill all the shelves that were created and built by Al Moody.  Over the years of hosting many scholastic book fairs and other book fairs, donations and orders allotted we accumulated children's books of all ages, teen novels, non fiction books, kits, video's/dvd's adult novels and teacher resources and magazines.  You are more then welcome to come and borrow any one of the books, etc.  After the renovation and extension of Acwsalcta School the library replaced the small gym that existed. The library hosts reading contests, book fairs, family literacy (ever other year), scholastic book clubs just to name a few during the school year.  One project that will be ongoing will be filling the library with Nuxalk books and Nuxalk history and of the Nuxalk people.



Dana Mack

Dana Mack been the librarian since 1999, she enjoys working with the students from our community. She is Nuxalkmc, and a descendant of Katie & Dan Nelson.  As well as being the Librarian Dana also hosts the Girls & Boys after school club program.  She is very thankful to all the Nuxalk parents that send their children to Acwsalcta School, for giving us the opportunity to teach your children and to get to know each of them, because she has been here for some time, some of the students that she has had when she first started, she gets to know their children too.  It's an honour! It's an honour working at Acwsalcta School, She hopes she'll be able to continue, in the years to come!

Acwsalcta School: 834 Four Mile Subdivision, Bella Coola, BC, Canada, V0T 1C0, P.O. Box 778, 250 799-5911